Confidently Executing Your Ideas

Your design is perfect, the engineering beyond compare, the real-world applications far-reaching. You have a vision for a part, tool, or product, and you know that vision has what it takes to succeed. And yet, none of that matters if your molding team can’t execute on the shop floor. Without the right equipment, the highest level of expertise, and the most exacting standards during the injection process, all that remains is your vision and your confidence in an idea that remains merely that — an idea.

At Action Mold, we understand this better than anyone in the business

We employ only the most qualified and committed tooling engineers and plastic processing technicians, and we use only the most current equipment to bring your product vision into reality. Our molding staff offers guidance on your project from the initial design to completion, and with over 25-years of mold-making and plastic processing experience using some of the most challenging resins in the industry, our staff can anticipate how your resins will perform in the injection press and prepare accordingly.

“Quality Takes Action”









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Whether you’re an Engineer searching for a qualified tooling facility, a Purchasing Agent querying ISO Certified Southern California molding teams to handle projects on an ongoing basis, or a Designer with a vision for a single product, you’ve found the right place with Action Mold. Submit your request and we will get in contact with you immediately!

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