resin_1Have you been on the hunt for an Ultra High Performance resin such as PEEK (Polyether ether ketone), Radel (Polyphenylsulfone), or Ultem (Polyetherimide)? Perhaps your designed component needs a more common engineering grade resin like Polycarbonate, ABS, Acetal, Nylon or Polyester. Whatever resin you are looking for, Action Mold has the experience and resources to properly process your resin of choice.


At Action Mold, we understand that different resins require specific needs and considerations. For example, when designing parts, tooling and identifying process equipment for Ultra High Performance resins, it is important to keep in mind their higher temperature melting points, special properties, color considerations, and impact on tooling. Action Mold understands this and can help you plan your designs and models around these requirements to ensure the end product operates as planned and provides the expected output.

resin_2Ultra High Performance resins are not the only resins that require special attention. Engineering grade resins have specific needs that should be considered at the front end of your design conversation. Commodity grade resins can be just as tricky and need to be fully understood when determining which one will best meet your needs. While they occupy the lower end of the price spectrum, they are well suited for use in a large number of applications.


In general, every resin has a unique shrink rate, flow rate, and heat profile that needs to be taken into consideration, especially if you plan on using resin modified with glass or carbon fibers. With Action Mold’s wide array of experience in engineering resins for the food, dental, and medical fields, our team knows exactly how to meet your tolerance issues, color considerations, surface texture and ejection requirements. We can help identify and then process the resin that will best meet your expectations.

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